BTZ Feb 2014

Not everything that glitters is gold...

I HAVE AN IDEA, I DESIGN IT AND I CRAFT IT - Words and Photo Cristian Corradin -

"I have an idea, I design it and I craft it"

This is Luc Rolland's fantastic philosophy and unique way of working.
Defining him just an artist wouldn't do him justice at all. 
Hydrodynamics and elegance go hand in hand and his crafts are without a doubt outstanding worldwide masterpieces.

His ideas and concept are progressing above beyond the simple shaping standards that we all have in mind, and his craftsmanship is the living demonstration. 

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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Surf Club de FRANCE / 1964-2014 / By Francois Plaze

"To celebrate this year the jubile of the Surf Club of France that he has created in 1964, Joël de Rosnay has decided to launch a special edition of collectors T-Shirts in three colors (Blue, White and Red) with the original logo that he has designed himself.

To support the Surfrider Foundation, whose efforts to protect the ocean, waves and coastlines are very dear to him, he chose to give all its personal profits on the sale of these t-shirts to this association.

Buying a single t-shirt or a collector pack on the official website or in the longboard shop More & Less in Biarritz (4 Avenue Victoria) allow you to get your Surf Club of France's card  member, numbered and signed by Joël de Rosnay and also a free sticker."

......more to discover on the 22nd issue of DREAMSURF Mag.

MY SHAPER IS A CHARGER by Jean-Marc Sauvel

If you plan to go on a surftrip, 
put an option on Zarautz, 
Basque country.
If like many of us, you want to 
go (or comeback) to the french Landes, then Zarauts is 
definitely a good option.
Located at only one hour 
drive from Hossegor, you'll find pointbreaks, nice people, good food and exciting night life. Not that bad for a surftrip.

Zarautz can argue to be the 
most representative spot of the Basque country's surfing culture and this statement can be extended to the whole Spain. 
The surf level is incredibly high, surfshops, surfschool, surfcamps... 

so even if it's really mellow, as basque people are, be prepared to struggle to get your waves!

                                                                      Jean-Marc Sauvel

...more to discover on the 22nd issue of DREAMSURF Mag.



Les vagues o large culminent à plus de 20m.
La marée est basse à l'aube, nous sommes o remontant de la marée, Andrew prend sa vague ( estimé à 24m )
La marée monte , Garrett annonce à Manu que c'était le plus gros Nazaré qu'il ait vu avec des séries à plus de 30m, mais la marée monte et transforme la vague la vague a du mal à casser au peak, elle se dresse mais se ramoli pour se casser au bord faisant des shorebreak de plus de 15m de haut...