MY SHAPER IS A CHARGER by Jean-Marc Sauvel

If you plan to go on a surftrip, 
put an option on Zarautz, 
Basque country.
If like many of us, you want to 
go (or comeback) to the french Landes, then Zarauts is 
definitely a good option.
Located at only one hour 
drive from Hossegor, you'll find pointbreaks, nice people, good food and exciting night life. Not that bad for a surftrip.

Zarautz can argue to be the 
most representative spot of the Basque country's surfing culture and this statement can be extended to the whole Spain. 
The surf level is incredibly high, surfshops, surfschool, surfcamps... 

so even if it's really mellow, as basque people are, be prepared to struggle to get your waves!

                                                                      Jean-Marc Sauvel

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