PIZZA AL FORNO, TAGLIATELLE, SOPRESSA AND SO MUCH WINE... VITERBO 2013. By Axel Piperno with Ryan Lovelace, Oliver Catanzariti and Max Purchiaroni.

Almost a year has passed by since I received a “strange phone call” from my friend Oliver who told me about a project that he had in mind and that he would like to get me involved in. I asked what this project was about, but I didn’t quite 
understood as I was busy with shaping and glassig some boards that day,  so I didn’t investigate further. Later during last summer , my good friend Axel called me announcing that he would drop by the factory to pay me a visit and that he would bring Oliver along to say hallo. Of course I was very glad to hear that, it’s always good to receive friend’s visit and I was very happy about them coming to my factory...

(continued in the next issue DREAMSURF MAGAZINE 20)