the DORA Model by ECLIPSE Surfboards

From the the ESB weekly episode:
the DORA Model
Everybody knows that Miklos Sandor Dora was one of the first to try shorter and Lighter stiks surfs, he was so mad about try to improve the quality and the floatibility to arrive of assembling a balsa boards with ping pong balls in search of lightness. The thing works antil it was smashed on the rincons rocks… this board is inspired by this most influenting longboarder ever knows. So we decided to shape one as he would like to surf at the Point in Malibu. The Dora is super classic nine two fast gliding noserider and with its smooth and loosing attitude will brings you to the next imaginary surfing step. Don’t you expect the super heavy weight, single fin glassing on, those were for business… He was a jump ahead. He was thinking lighter and small, for his fast speeding tubolar preach!