INTI Longboards

Appeso Model 9'1''x 22''7/8 x 2''7/8

Chernobyl Model 9'0'' x 22''1/2 x 2''3/4

Appeso Model 9'4'' x 23'' x 3'

These boards are Inti's new creatures, designed, tested and shaped in collaboration with GLIDE surf shop (

Appeso Model is our classic outlined board. Nose concave and a little spoon over the tail to keep it perched under the white water for longer noserides. Soft 50/ 50 rails and a classic noseriding scoopline, making the board easy to paddle, stable and confortable to ride.

Chernobyl Model is intended to be more of a versatile board. Behaving well in any condition, from knee to over head height. Pinched rails, narrower outline and a bit more rocker under the nose will help you in those tricky moments. This board can be a good choice if you're shifting from smaller boards to the art of longboarding.

Both the Appeso and the Chernobyl are rigorously hand made single fin longboards. Shaped, laminated (6 oz bottom, 12 oz deck + patches) and glassed (resin tint) by Giorgio "Inti" PIacentini.

For further info go to Int's website, developed and edited by Marta Tomasini. Inti Longboards