…so listen to this one… as I paddle out this morning, being sunday, I expect the usual crowd at the local spot. Neverthenless, I decide to give a try, it looks so much fun for a surfmat.
Being a pretty smallish but fun wave I presume there won’t be any “hype” out there, you know, it’s been a long week for everybody and we all just want a “piece of the action” and just enjoy being out there… As I wait for the set to come in, I can’t help but listen to a conversation between a local and and a legal alien (won’t say name and nationality though, so don’t ask me).
LOCAL to the legal alien: “Hey, come here Dude, since you and those loud guys over there come from the same place, tell em to shut the fuck up and learn good manners, or I’ll teach them, because we are not in the peninsula here!” 
LEGAL ALIEN ( politely replies ): “Listen, I’ll tell em, but it’s not because we come from the same country that we all know each other, may be they get angry at me!
LOCAL: (replies in not so polite way ): "I don’t give a shit, go there and tell them what I just told you, and If they don’t like it, just remind them where they are right now and where THEY come from!"
Lesson learned, be polite and say “hello” everytime you pop into a spot, don’t, andI repeat don’t drop in… and maybe you’ll learn something too, besides saving your own sorry ass and enjoying your day out!