Recognize Spirit. Heal yourself. Celebrate life!
author: Joseph Schoeninger

""This book is an insight into my path and journey over the past 7 years. Travelling,
surfing, living and working in beautiful location across the globe, searching for
freedom and new frontiers, taking on challenges, manual labour and career
opportunities, studying Eastern and Western philosophy, experiencing spiritual growth and personal challenges, ups and downs, sharing beautiful moments with friends and loved ones, mastering the ocean's surf and overcoming fears along my travels. Surfing the Higher Self is about recognizing Spirit, healing yourself and celebrating life!" quote Joseph.

This particular book of Austrian born author Joseph Schoeninger has been written to
inspire readers to engage on their own spiritual path and enjoy the pleasure,
excitement and passion of working on growth and development continously. He is
giving an intimate look into his spiritual awakenings over the years.
During his travels, Joseph has studied the principles and philosophies of various
Eastern medical systems and traditions, like Traditional Chinese Medicine and
Ayurvedic Medicine, the philosophies of Taoism and various schools of Buddhism,
Christian mysticism, Yoga and several schools of Meditation, as well as Osteopathic
Medicine. Joseph enjoys the lectures and work of various modern Western integral

This book is an interesting read about living life fully, exploring higher stages and
states of consciousness and enjoying an active outdoor or ocean based lifestyle. Like
surfing ocean waves, "Surfing the Higher Self" is a mastery that anyone can achieve,
practising meditation and genuine mindfullness in daily life. Quote Joseph: "It is a
challenging path, but also a way full of pleasures and joy. Your own Higher Self will
emerge and you will benefit in your Well-Being and in your relationships. You can't
help yourself but share your happiness openly with the people who come across your
journey. The key is to adjust permanently to the ever changing currents and waves in
the line-ups of your life!"

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Joseph Schoeninger is an Austrian born author, producer, freesurfer and longboarder, 
and the founder of Beautiful Days Productions.